MapXact combines Mobile Mapping, 3D-scanning and ground-radar technology with unique software to give the most accurately possible picture of the world out there. Our clients are municipalities, government bodies, utility companies, telecom operators and rail, construction, civil engineering and infrastructure organisations. Our data and solutions enable them to:

  • Avoid damage and disasters;
  • Make the best environmental choices;
  • Predict situations more accurately;
  • Design and build more efficiently;

We keep innovating with the aim to serve our clients even better. We make high demands on our people and offer them many possibilities for personal development.

Our shareholders see MapXact as an organisation with evident added value for other VolkerWessels companies and consider it to be an investment in the future.


In ten years we’ll have mapped Europe in 3D. The overground infrastructure has been mapped entirely down to the nearest centimetre. In decisive places where excavations have taken or will take place, we provide a complete picture of the underground situation. This huge database allows us to serve two target groups:

  • Customers who want to use our photos and 3D scan data, consult the data library on our website or download our data at a reasonable price. This represents a very large target group for us. It includes both private individuals, organisations and government bodies.
  • By processing the data and combining it with our unique software and algorithms, we can offer corporate clients, municipalities and government bodies solutions with immediate added value.

To achieve our goal, we scan the environment at clients’ request and on our own initiative. We started with major cities, and are gradually expanding our 3D dataset to include ever larger areas.