MapXact combineert Mobile Mapping, 3D-scanners en grondradartechnologie met unieke software om de wereld zo nauwkeurig mogelijk in beeld te brengen. Our clients include municipalities, public authorities, utilities, telecom operators and rail, construction, civil and infrastructure organisations. Our data and solutions help them to:

  • Avoid damage and disasters;
  • Make the best environmental decisions;
  • Make better predictions;
  • Design and build more efficiently;

We keep innovating so we can serve our clients even better. We expect high standards from our people and offer them many possibilities for personal development.

Onze aandeelhouders zien MapXact als een organisatie met overduidelijke toegevoegde waarde voor overige VolkerWessels bedrijven en als een investering in de toekomst.


Over tien jaar hebben we Europa in 3D in beeld. The entire surface has been mapped to the nearest centimetre. In decisive places where excavations have been or will be done, we deliver a complete picture of the underground situation. Our enormous database serves two target groups;

  • Customers who want to use our photos and 3D scan data, consult the data library on our website or download our data at a reasonable price. Through this we reach a very large target group. It includes private individuals, organisations and public authorities.
  • By processing the data and combining it with our unique software and algorithms, we can offer corporate customers, municipalities and public authorities solutions with immediate added value.

To achieve our goal, we scan the environment at customers’ request and on our own initiative. We zijn gestart in de grote steden en als een olievlek breidt onze 3D-dataset verder uit.