MapXact maps cities and municipalities

Want to quickly get a complete picture of a city or municipality? Using 360° photography and ground radar technology, MapXact delivers an extremely precise image of over- and underground infrastructure. We make a 3D model of the environment you want. The very basis for smarter asset management and smart city initiatives.

Ground radar technology and 360° photography

By 2050, more than 80% of all Dutch people will live in cities. This places high demands on the design and management of our habitat and infrastructure. MapXact maps over- and underground infrastructure using its in-house ground radar technologies combined with 360° photos and 3D scans. We give a clear picture of where assets are located in a neighbourhood, city or municipality. In the digital environment we create, you can monitor and manage these assets. From the position of cables and pipelines to the amount of reflection of lines on roads: MapXact gives you a picture of a city, neighbourhood or municipality at a glance.

Avoid excavation damage during urban and municipal projects

Thanks to accurate data from MapXact, you can avoid excavation damage while you work. Not only will you save time and money with your project, you will also improve safety. Since you’ll know exactly what is in the ground, you will be able to make timely decisions. Include the exact data in your findings to plan as effectively as possible.

MapXact and Cities and Municipalities: the possibilities
  • Monitor and manage assets from any device
  • Map changes in the environment fast and accurately
  • Plan and organise projects faster and more safely
  • Determine the optimal location for sensors, cameras and other measuring instruments
  • Kickstarter for smart city initiatives with precise XYZ data
This makes MapXact unique for Cities & Municipalities
1. Latest ground radar technology and super-fast 360° photography

MapXact uses in-house ground radar technology and/or 360° photography and 3D scans to map neighbourhoods, municipalities or cities. We also do it in challenging conditions, for instance high water or clay content in the soil. Within days you’ll have access to a visualisation of the city, municipality or neighbourhood, both over and underground.

2. MapXact automatically converts images to 3D line drawings

MapXact digitises your outdoor spaces by combining 3D scans and 360° photos in usable data. Clear insight into a city, neighbourhood or municipality, at a glance.

3. Combine MapXact data with other datasets

MapXact produces precise data on under- and overground infrastructure. We take 360° photos of every metre and work with extremely precise ground radar technology to show all possible assets. These data can the easily be enhanced with other datasets.

4. Your data is available any time, anywhere

MapXact’s web-based viewer puts the outside world at your fingertips. On the road or at home on your sofa? MapXact is accessible on all devices, anytime, anywhere.

What can MapXact do for you?

Wondering how MapXact can help you with urban and municipal infrastructure? Let’s tell you about the possibilities.