Civil constructions and infrastructure with MapXact

Bridges, tunnels and parking garages. Whether for new constructions, maintenance or renovation: reliable information on civil constructions is essential. Using ground radar technology and 360° photography, MapXact accurately maps under- and overground infrastructure. View your project location at a glance.

Create a 3D visualisation of civil constructions

MapXact uses ground radar technology to visualise the underground infrastructure of civil constructions. Where exactly do the foundations and possible cables and pipelines lie? Together with 360° photos that show the overground infrastructure, we create a 3D visualisation of the location. The possibilities with accurate data are endless. For example, provide your stakeholder with reliable information for renovation, inspection and new constructions.

Avoid excavation damage during civil engineering

Thanks to accurate data from MapXact, you can avoid excavation damage while you work. Not only will you save time and money with your project, you will also improve safety. Since you’ll know exactly what is in the ground, you will be able to make timely decisions. Include the exact data in your findings to plan as effectively as possible.

MapXact and Civil Engineering: the possibilities:
  • Safely and accurately collect information on the current status of infrastructure and civil engineering, as input for design, renovation and maintenance plans.
  • Allow virtual inspections of projects with detailed 3D visualisations.
  • Know what lies underground, e.g. cables and pipelines.
  • Easily classify, vectorise and enhance MapXact data with other datasets.
This makes MapXact unique for Civil Engineering & Infrastructure
1. Fast and accurate mapping of underground infrastructure

Using in-house ground radar technology, MapXact maps the ground in no time. Accurately and up to 200 times faster than other techniques.

2. Combine data with other datasets and BIM

MapXact automatically converts images to 3D line drawings. Both under- and overground assets are tagged. The information can also be enhanced with other datasets. This make MapXact data an excellent basis for BIM.

3. Create 3D animations with data from MapXact

Develop great 3D animations using images from MapXact. An ideal way to inform and involve your stakeholders in new construction, renovation or maintenance plans. Get a full picture of the current situation at a glance.

What can MapXact do for you?

Wondering how MapXact can help you with accurate information on civil constructions? Let’s tell you about the possibilities.