MapXact maps buildings and properties

During construction, renovation or maintenance, reliable information on your building is of great importance. MapXact uses ground radar technology and 360° photography to map the over- and underground infrastructure of each location with precision. Get a picture of your project at a glance. A fast and easy way to organise your construction logistics.

Quickly get a 3D visualisation of your building

MapXact rapidly scans complete buildings by means of mobile mapping. We take 360° photos and do 3D scans and rapidly process these to form usable data. Want to see the underground infrastructure of your property location? You can, thanks to the latest ground radar technology. Within days you’ll have a precise 3D visualisation or a data package as a basis for BIM.

Data for new construction, renovation or maintenance

MapXact data will give you precise information on the under- and overground infrastructure of your building at a glance. You’ll know exactly what is in the ground. This way you can avoid damage to buildings, monuments and properties. By means of 3D visualisation, you can determine whether objects will fit into the existing space of your new building project. Or plan smart building logistics for renovation. The possibilities for saving time and costs are endless.

Avoid excavation damage during building and property projects.

Thanks to accurate data from MapXact you can avoid excavation damage while you work. Not only will you save time and money with your project, you will also improve safety. Since you’ll know exactly what is in the ground, you will be able to make timely decisions. Include the exact data in your findings to plan as effectively as possible.

MapXact and Construction & Property: the possibilities
  • Scan a building or property location, make a 3D model and process data automatically in AutoCad and BIM.
  • Check existing drawings without doing a site survey.
  • Easily update design during execution. Or update long-term maintenance schedules and map XYZ changes with precision.
This makes MapXact unique for Construction & Property
Get a fast and accurate picture of underground infrastructure

MapXact maps land using in-house ground radar technology. Fast and accurate, up to 200 times faster than other technologies.

Combine data with other datasets and BIM

MapXact automatically converts images to 3D line drawings. Both under- and overground assets are tagged. The information can also be enhanced with other datasets. This makes MapXact data an excellent basis for BIM and GIS.

Create 3D animations with data from MapXact

Develop great 3D visualisations using MapXact images. An ideal way to inform and involve your stakeholders in new construction, renovation or maintenance plans. Anyone can get a full picture of the current situation at a glance.

What can MapXact do for you?

Wondering how MapXact can help you with the construction, maintenance or renovation of your building and property? Let’s tell you about the possibilities.