Use MapXact for a safe, sustainable railway

MapXact offers a revolutionary approach to mapping over- and underground infrastructure in railway environments. Using 360° photography, 3D scans and ground radar technology, we give a complete picture of railways, the surrounding area and the location. More precise and efficient than ever.

MapXact: possibilities for railways
  • Safe measuring of rail infrastructure, cables and pipelines, buildings and roads.
  • Test routes virtually for the safe passage of large or exceptional convoys or new trains.
  • Classify, vectorise and enhance data easily with other datasets.
  • Virtual inspections can be done with detailed 3D visualisations.
This makes MapXact unique for Railways
1. Super-fast 360° photography and ground radar technology

MapXact maps railway networks rapidly and safely. MapXact’s ground radar and mobile mapping technology is 200 times faster than any other. Within days after scanning, you’ll have exact data on the over- and underground railway infrastructure.

2. Combine MapXact with other datasets

MapXact delivers 360° photos, 3D scans and radar images to a data package. The information is delivered in standard format so it’s immediately available for AutoCAD and other software packages.

What can MapXact do for you?

Wondering how MapXact can help you with the mapping of rail environments? Let’s tell you about the possibilities.