Build the best telecom network with MapXact

Want to calculate and design the optimal telecom network? MapXact uses 360° photography and ground radar technology to map both over- and underground infrastructure. Within days you can combine precise data with existing data sources. Get a clear picture of your network location at a glance. More precise and efficient than ever.

Map overground infrastructure

We always want faster mobile internet and more gigabytes. It’s up to you to offer your customers the best telecom network. How do you expand your network’s capacity as efficiently as possible? MapXact has extensive knowledge of telecom and will map the complete overground infrastructure of the Netherlands for you. Using mobile mapping, we take 360° photos of every metre. Within days you’ll have a clear picture of capacity, ideal locations and even the precise costs of your telecom network.

See the project we’re doing for Vodafone

Ground radar survey for a telecom network

By means of ground radar technology, we also analyse overground infrastructure. Where are the cables and pipelines? Is there already fibre? We’ll map available spaces in the ground and conclude where the best place for your telecom network is.

Avoid excavation damage during telecom projects.

Thanks to accurate data from MapXact, you can avoid excavation damage while you work. Not only will you save time and money with your project, you will also improve safety. Since you’ll know exactly what is in the ground, you will be able to make timely decisions. Include the exact data in your findings to plan as effectively as possible.

MapXact and Telecom: numerous possibilities
  • Build a viable telecom network fast and cost-efficiently
  • Analyse hot and weak spots from your screen
  • Plan Small Cells and determine the line of sight: automated and from a distance
  • Choose the best option from all the fully worked-out scenarios
  • Minimise the use of site surveys
This makes MapXact unique for Telecom
1. Super-fast 360° photography

MapXact maps the overground network with very high-resolution panoramic photos. Using mobile mapping to take 360° photographs at incredible speed, we create data. We scan 1 million points per second and convert it to lines, 3D images and a precise XYZ map. All objects such as lampposts, public buildings and even macro cells are tagged. The current situation as well as the possibilities for your telecom network, mapped at a glance.

2. Combine 360° panoramic photographs with other data layers

MapXact puts 360° photos and 3D scans together to create usable data. Combine these data with other data layers, e.g. important information on the location of power and transmission grids. Or information on the costs of laying and operating the network.

3. MapXact helps you think about scenarios

Thanks to the data that MapXact offers, you’ll have hundreds of telecom network expansion scenarios in front of you. We’ll help you think about the various options. Faster, cheaper and better. Now and in the future. Based on the under- and overground infrastructure, MapXact allows the most efficient use of scarce radio capacity.

What can MapXact do for you?

Wondering how MapXact can help you with your telecom network? Let’s tell you about the possibilities.