MapXact gives an exact picture of underground infrastructure

Want to map cables and pipelines? Setting up ground-coupled heat exchangers, sewerage or grounding? MapXact will map the underground infrastructure with great precision. Using the latest ground radar technology, we can provide a visualisation of the ground 200 times faster. This means you save time and money and avoid excavation damage.

Accurate ground radar technology for any underground area

Anyone doing excavations wants to know what is in the ground. Down to the nearest centimetre. Unfortunately the available data on underground infrastructure is often out of date. MapXact uses ground radar technology to provide radar images of any underground area super fast. This way you can exclude risks and know exactly what is in the ground, to the nearest centimetre.

Avoid excavation damage during underground projects

Thanks to accurate data from MapXact you can avoid excavation damage while you work. Not only will you save time and money with your project, you will also improve safety. Since you’ll know exactly what is in the ground, you will be able to make timely decisions. Include the exact data in your findings to plan as effectively as possible.

MapXact and underground infrastructure: the possibilities.
  • Map underground infrastructure, such as the position of power, gas and transmission grids, fast and accurately.
  • Immediately show scenarios for replacement, diversion or renewal.
  • Design and schedule projects based on accurate 3D ground data.
  • Avoid excavation damage and work safely. Show what lies where to the nearest centimetre.
This makes MapXact unique for underground infrastructure
1. Get a fast and accurate picture of underground infrastructure

MapXact maps the ground fast using in-house ground radar technology. MapXact ground radar does it up to 200 times faster than other technologies.

2. Enhance data easily with other datasets

MapXact delivers user-friendly data from ground radar images within days. These data can easily be combined with other datasets. It gives you a clear overall picture of the current underground situation.

3. Your data are available any time, anywhere

MapXact’s web-based viewer puts the outside world at your fingertips. On the road or at home on your sofa? Have access to your project data anytime, anywhere, on any device.

What can MapXact do for you?

Wondering how MapXact can help you with underground infrastructure? Let’s first tell you about the possibilities.